Immerse yourself atmosphere of warmth and comfort over a noisy city
Hourly rental of winter gazebos on the roofs Moscow for dinners, festive events, romantic dates
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Why do you get unforgettable emotions with us?
A unique concept!
You won't find this anywhere!
Spend time in an unusual and and relaxed atmosphere, surprise yourself and your loved ones
Payment only for rental
You can bring your favorite drinks and dishes, order catering or delivery. We get a special alcohol fee
Ideal for events
Arrange a date, a birthday party, a
family dinner or a corporate party
in your own way. feel yourself like at home and even better!
Favorite music
Individual bluetooth audiosystem is
in every igloo. you can connect and
enjoy the party with your playlist.
About Igloobar
Whatis igloo?
Individual winter bathing gazebos designed for companies of up to 16 people, equipped with electric fireplaces to
maintain a comfortable temperature. Inside there are comfortable soft chairs or sofas, large tables, sockets and
bluetooth audiosystems. Watch the video about igloobar
Watch the video about igloobar
You can bring any food and drinks. We have a special alcohol fee (when you bring alcohol - you pay fee): less 2 persons - 500 rur, less 10 persons - 1000 rur, less 25 persons - 1500 rur.
additionally, a set of dishes for 1 person is paid on request - 200 rur
What can you eat and drink?
How much is it?
the price depends on the number of guests and is indicated for the entire igloo. A prepayment in the amount of 1000 rur. Additional place - 500 rur.
For a company of up to 10 persons
For couples
mon tue wed thu sun
7000 rur/hour
3000 rur/hour
1500 rur/hour
Vip igloo up to 25 persons

Незабываемая атмосфера на крыше города

Package offers for the most
important events in your life
To make them perfect, we take care of all the preparation and organization
Find your package offer for your event
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Look how cozy and comfortable is in igloo

in cities of fussia

Answers to the most popular questions

Is it cold inside?

Нет! Внутри очень комфортная температура, имеется обогреватель.
If we bring food and drinks - we pay for it?
Действует пробковый сбор: до 2 гостей - 500 руб, до 10 гостей - 1000 руб, до 25 гостей - 1500 руб.
Do we also need to bring cutlery or you have it?
Приборы, посуду и бокалы вам предоставят по запросу на месте. Комплект посуды на одного человека - 200р.
Can delivery be made directly to the igloo? Or do i have to come with food?
Как вам удобно. Вариантов масса: заказать доставку или кейтеринг, принести с собой или же купить на 1 этаже нашего здания в ГастроФерме.
Is it possible to warm up the food?
У нас имеется микроволновая печь, воспользоваться ей сможете обратившись к администратору.
Do you have a refrigirator?
У нас имеется холодильник для напитков, воспользоваться им сможете обратившись к администратору.
What is the maximum capacity of the igloo?
В большой иглу комфортно вмещается компания до 16 человек.
Do you have wi-fi?
Да. Скоростное интернет-соединение на территории всей крыши. Пароль 12345678.
Do you have a toilet?
Конечно, чистый туалет в теплом помещении специально для гостей Igloobar.
Do you have a parking? Paid?
Внутри двора есть платная парковка на 50 машиномест. Цена за час 100 рублей.
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